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    Benefit Profit

    Production of goods made of eco-friendly materials: spunbond, cotton, polypropylene
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    The turnkey system of branding

    We produce branded promotional bags, backpacks and bags for bottles
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    Eco-packaging and eco-bags

    Production of bags made of various types of eco-friendly materials


The company “BENEFIT PROFIT” is a manufacturer of eco-friendly and convenient bags made of woven polypropylene, bags made of spunbond (spunbond), as well as cases for suitcases.

Spunbond bags

The spunbond bag is an eco-friendly, inexpensive and modern bag, and it is also a very effective advertising medium, without that no marketing event is complete.

We have various branding options.

T-SHIRT bags

Reliable, strong, durable analog to plastic bags of the “t-shirt” type made of eco-friendly material spunbond — a T-SHIRT bag.

The color scheme of these bags is diverse.


Baggies for vegetables, fruits and bulk materials are a convenient option for those who have already completely abandoned plastic packaging and simply can not imagine going to the store without convenient reusable fabric bags. They can be packed with vegetables, fruits and any bulk products.


Our online store

In our online-shop «NOVA Avoska»™ you can order promo-bags, t-shirt bags, backpacks, eco-bags for vegetables and fruits. Branding options:

  • silk screen printing (from 1 to 4 colors);
  • flexographic printing;
  • thermal transfer (full-color printing).

We produce various types of bags with and without printing. You can order them in our online store «NOVA Avoska»™:

  • flat box;
  • bags with a slotted handle (with a bottom and without a bottom) — d-cut;
  • t-shirt bags;
  • bags with bottom and side folds — BOX;
  • bottom fold bags;
  • backpacks.

In our shop «NOVA Avoska»™ you can order fruit and vegetable bags and other eco-friendly packaging of various types. Advantages of eco-packaging:

  • possibility of multiple use within 0.5–1 year;
  • load capacity up to 20 kg;
  • environmental friendliness of the product;
  • bright advertising medium;
  • complete replacement of polyethylene.


Spunbond is a real eco-friendly material: due to its non-toxicity, it is used in the medical field, wear-resistant and durable, it can be destroyed within three years, and at the same time it is perfectly clean.

Material for the production of films (especially packaging), bags, containers and non-woven materials.

Due to the presence of tertiary carbon atoms, polypropylene is more sensitive to oxygen, especially when exposed to ultraviolet light and elevated temperatures.

Two-thread fabric is a strong material that is made mainly of cotton fibers. Due to the fact that a special type of thread interweaving is used, the fabric turns out to be stronger.


The scope of application of bags made of polypropylene and spunbond

Areas of application of bags made of polypropylene and spunbond — it is a roomy and casual lightweight shopping bag, one of the most effective advertising carriers and, of course, a long-lasting replacement of a plastic bag.

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